How to Travel by Airplane with Ease

Taking an airplane trip can be done with ease.

Traveling by airplane does not have to be stressful. Booking your ticket, packing your luggage, and getting on the airplane can be done with ease.

First of all, you want to book your ticket online early for the best price. Surf all airlines and discount travel sites at least a month in advance for ticket prices. Purchase your ticket using a debit or credit card, and print out your confirmation and ticket pages. If you can not print them out right away, select all, copy and save as a word document. Return to the Website within two days of traveling, book and pay for your baggage in advance and print out your receipts and boarding pass.At this time, you can request additional assistance, for examplewheel chair assistance or special meals. Put your ticket, receipts, and boarding pass in your carry on luggage pocket.

Then locate your luggage at least a week before you travel. Place your suitcases in a location near the door. During the week before, as you go through your closet, retrieve items you want to carry, roll them, and place in your suitcase. Do not over load your suitcase or you will have to pay for extra weight. When you arrive at your airline, check your bags at curbside and give the sky cap a tip. They will assist you and make your travel less hectic.

On the morning of travel or the night before, place items you use at that time in separate baggies, especially deodorants, colognes, cosmetics, medicines, hair products, tooth brush, and tooth paste. Use sandwich size bags and 6 oz containers. Your bags are packed and ready to go. Many airlines do not serve meals anymore. Make a light snack and place it in your carry on bag. Having a carry on bag specifically for plane usage is wise. Here is where you can place your extra set of clothing, a snack, reading materials, and electronic devices.

Arrange for transportation to the airport at least a week before travel. On the day of travel, be prepared to arrive at the airport at least two hours before flight time. Wear shoes that can be removed easily. Have your passport, driver license or picture ID, and ticket information ready to display. If you are carrying a laptop or other electronic device, have them ready to be placed in a separate bin. Shoes, jackets, and coats go in separate bins. Wearing excessive jewelry may hold you up at the scanner. Once you are through security, check all items to make sure you didn't leave anything behind. Use the restroom now. Carry your bags into the stall with you. You do not want to leave your baggage alone. Most importantly, arrive at your ticket gate and relax.

Once you are on the plane, remember that all electronic devices must be turned off until the pilot indicates it is safe. Sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy your flight. Before the plane lands,check your ticket for gate arrival. In the pocket in front of your seat you will find a magazine. In the back of the magazine is agate map. Locate your gate for exiting. If you are changing planes, locate your change gate and be sure you have enough time to make your change. Don't forget the flightattendants are available forassistance!


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